Advertising Challenge

For teachers

This is a space where you will find a number of different opinions, explorations of concepts and teaching insights about advertising. This includes powerpoints for lessons, cases for discussion, mental aerobics and websites that not even your students know exist.

Lesson inspiration

These materials have been designed to build from an initial understanding of what advertising is, through to how to write for this unique genre, through to how to sell your ideas. Most of these slides are adaptable to the different media, which may inhabit your syllabus. For example, the writing slides would apply equally to a print ad as to a website.

What is advertising?

Even advertising people themselves are asking this question, with the discipline being shaped so strongly by changing technology. These slides cover definition, functions, process and creative guidelines. Much of this aligns with the material in the student pages.

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Creative thinking

Some people have a limited perspective on creativity. They think of it as a function of the arts. But creativity, as these slides suggest, is a process that belongs just as strongly in science as it does in advertising. These slides could be used in conjunction with the mental aerobics to demonstrate the creative process in action.

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Crafting good copy

This is all about how to write advertising. And this is essentially about two things – knowing who you are going to talk to and what you should say to them. The slides describe the process of how to have an idea and suggest a number of techniques for writing advertising.

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Selling the idea

A really important part of communication is being able to sell it to someone who matters. A lot of great campaigns die in the bottom drawer of copywriter’s desks because no one had the belief in the idea or the understanding of how to sell it. While this process is an essential part of advertising making it to the screen or the newspaper or the web, it is also an important exercise in communication skills. Whether it is advertising or a better mousetrap or even selling yourself for a part time job, these slides offer advice on how to structure a sales pitch.

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