Advertising Challenge

Advertising websites

Here is a guide to some great online resources. It points you towards websites run by the advertising industry, advertising researchers, the trade press, and advertising’s greatest critics – the general public. 

Advertising Industry Websites

Advertising Federation of Australia, the advertising agency association, . Contains statistics about the advertising industry, descriptions of jobs in advertising, industry issues and events.

Australian Association of National Advertisers, the advertisers’ association, . You’ll find the codes for the self regulation of advertising on this site, as well as information about reviews of new codes.

Australian Marketing Institute, the marketer’s association, . Good section on marketing metrics and information about the broader discipline of marketing.

Advertising Standards Board, where complaints are lodged and reviewed, . Read case files, including complaints and the findings of the Board.

Advertising Academic and Research Websites

World Advertising Research Centre Advertising research, resources and case studies from all over the world.

Advertising Educational Foundation, Extensive collection of advertising educational resources, although mainly US. Also gives you access to most of the key advertising awards in the US, including creative and advertising effectiveness awards. Has a free email service.

Texas University has a great online collection of information about advertising:

Advertising Trade Press

Ad News, an Australian Advertising Industry Publication, . Up to date information on new campaigns and important advertising issues. Free email service.

B&T, and Australian Advertising Industry Magazine, . Much like Ad News, covering important industry information.

Ad Age, the American Advertising Industry Magazine, This is the US version of Ad News.  

View Advertising

There are many places to view advertising. Here are a collection of video sharing sites, classic print archives, brand specific sites and advertising critic sites.

Australian site:

Cannes Advertising Festival:

Australian Advertising, especially historical content:

QUIT advertising campaigns:

Coca-Cola Advertising:

Gruen Transfer:

Archive of classic print ads: US Archive of classic print ads

US Archive of classic print ads:

Ad Critic: