Advertising Challenge

Teaching resources

Here is a guide to everything else you need to know about advertising. It includes textbooks and great advertising reads.

Essential Advertising Texts (Ask your rep for a copy for your library!)

Belch, G., Belch, M., Kerr, G., and Powell, I. (2009) “Advertising and Promotion: An IMC Perspective”, McGraw-Hill: Sydney.

Chitty, and Shimp, T. (2008) “Advertising, Promotion, and other aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications”, Thomson: Sydney.

Wells, W., Spence-Stone, R., Moriarty, S., Burnett, J. (2008) “Advertising: Principles and Practice”, Pearson: Sydney.

Great Advertising Reads

Mackay, H. (2007) “Advance Australia ... Where?”, Hachette: Sydney.

Crawford, R. (2008) “But Wait, There’s More ... A History of Australian Advertising, 1900-2000”, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne.

Aitchison, J. (2004) “Cutting Edge Advertising”, Prentice Hall: Singapore.

Fortini-Campbell, L. (2001) “Hitting the Sweet Spot: How Consumer Insights can inspire better Marketing and Advertising”, The Copy Workshop: Chicago.

Stone, G. (2002) “Singo”, Harper Collins: Sydney.