Advertising Challenge

What makes an advertising campaign successful?

The right combination of everything we have talked about so far. A good understanding of the target market. Knowing your product, and what it means to your target market. Connecting your target market and your product with a strong message or proposition. Delivering that message through the most immediate and cost effective communication channels. And measuring it, so we know how successful we have really been. This gives us feedback for the next campaign we create.

Some of Australia’s most successful advertising campaigns have been showcased in the Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA) Advertising Effectiveness Awards. These are not creative awards, but look at the advertising objectives of the campaign and how successful the advertiser has been in achieving them. Often times though, these campaigns have also won awards for their creativity.

Have a look at some great examples of social marketing with the ‘QUIT’ campaigns.

Or view some of the world’s best advertising at the Cannes Advertising Festival